Open Thread: I Am a Graduate!

I have completed all the coursework for an Associate’s in Business Management from Rasmussen College.  (I got a 98% in Microeconomics!)  So I should be receiving my hard copy of the diploma soon.  Also, I am available for employment in the customer service field for a company that has room for advancement.


I went home for the weekend to celebrate this and my birthday with my family.  It was good to see all of them, including my Uncle Dwight, whose schedule is not easy to coordinate with anyone else’s.  The family will probably be reusing this banner at Christmas, as my oldest niece is due to finish her bachelor degree in Diversity Studies at that point.

Are you continuing your education, by formal schooling or self-improvement?  Do you remember any books you read for school that still are favorites today?

eta:  Rasmussen has asked that I plug their business management program, so here’s a link to that:  Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Open Thread: I Am a Graduate!”

  1. Congratulations! And best wishes for putting that degree to work.

    I am continually learning. I did, however, go back to school at 50 years old and earn my doctorate. Now, that was an experience. lol

  2. CORNGRABULATIONS. Also hey it’s Psy from the Superdickery forums, which may be shutting down due to inactivity plus main site advertisers being huge dinguses, which I wanted to give you a heads-up about.

    A huge chunk of the community including long-gone-from-the-forum cass thread comics posters has migrated to Tumblr, and I maintain a list of them here: (I actually sort of recommend getting a tumblr at least to share click-through previews of this blog’s posts.)

    Either way I just hit subscribe on this thing and yeah, don’t be a stranger. (Least not stranger than you already are~)

    1. Hi! I was kind of wondering what happened to Superdickery’s forum; I miss the days we actually had discussions on things. I shall see about the Tumblr thing.

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